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Azure Solutions, the developer of SafeScene, is proud to represent IFEX impulse fire extinguishing systems in North America.

IFEX provides incredibly quick knockdown, rapid response, reduced collateral damage and firefighting in difficult-to-reach locations.

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AWARE Technology

SafeScene can now associate personnel with the apparatus on which they arrived at the incident scene.

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Grant Information

The 2011 AFG application window has been extended until September 23, 2011 at 5:00 p.m. EST.

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There is little question that one of the most pressing challenges facing fire, rescue service and other first responder leaders today is achieving accurate and complete personnel accountability.

Until now, accountability has typically been achieved through such manual processes as the collection of tags and the use of status boards, which consume precious resources when time is of the essence. These manual methods are also prone to error and ineffective when means of identification are misplaced, stolen, lost or forgotten.

Now, with SafeScene, automatic, error-proof and cost-effective accountability and resource management is possible for the first time.

SafeScene is a system that detects and monitors personnel and equipment at emergency incidents.  The system uses lightweight RFID (radio frequency identification) tags that can go in personnel protective equipment, pockets or helmet crowns and a simple software application that provides complete information about the status of personnel and equipment at the incident, provides for the management of resources and logs all incident assignments and activities.

SafeScene is the world's only fully automatic accountability system.  Personnel do not need to take any action when they arrive at the incident.  No tags or waiting in line for a card to be scanned.  No equipment to be placed around the incident scene.  No waiting for lights to start blinking.  Your personnel are instantly detected when they show up at the incident.

And, SafeScene is the world's most reliable automatic accountability system.  With nothing to set up, there is nothing that can be disturbed and turn your accountability into chaos.  Unlike systems that require placement of equipment around the scene, SafeScene's performance can't be compromised by the changing environments common to emergency incidents, including falling structures or newly-arriving and moving vehicles and equipment.





“SafeScene provides us with automatic accountability of our personnel and allow us to manage the incident more efficiently and safely and comply with key NFPA standards. SafeScene is easy to use and requires no setup at the incident. We can manage the entire incident very thoroughly with SafeScene."

Chief Dennis Kirin
Fire Chief
City of Oberlin, Ohio


St. Tammany Parish, LA Improves Personnel Safety with SafeScene

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